Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wicked Wine News: Cheap Wine, Sustainability, Prices Going Up & More

I curated some great information and fun reads about wine from this week.  Check it out. Cheers! 

Oh cheap wine, no you didn't!
Let's be honest.. we have all bought a wine because it was cheap. Sometimes the wine that is on sell is not what you think. Peep this great wine article on Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette to get the low down on wine prices and tips to selecting wine that is cheap.

13 Reasons Why Wine is Better Than A Partner
This is a fun little list about why wine is better than having a boo. I think my favorite is wine never asks whats for dinner and wine has no problem opening up to you. Check out this list by Samantha Matt and find why more reasons why wine rocks.

Wine in Sonoma Bringing on Sustainability
Well, well, well Sonoma winegrower's made a 100% commitment to be sustainable and they are already already at one- third of their goal. They are aiming high for their vineyards and it looks like it is going to happen.

Wine Getting More Expensive?
Snap, could your favorite wine end up costing you a few more dollars? Looks like wine, specifically wine in California is in the lead for raising wine prices. Get ready to shell out more money for that Cali chardonnay.

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