Sunday, January 18, 2015

Witch On Wine: Cristalino Rosé Brut

Check out my review of Jaume Serra Cristalino Rosé Brut Cava. If you want a full sensory experience with a touch of magickal aromatherapy, pair the cava with the aroma of peru balsam (balsam of peru) essential oil. Burn a bit in a burner or put some in a diffuser. Peru Balsam is woodsy and has a vanilla undertone. 

It's great for healing, so sniff as you sip. If you can't find this oil, you can just as easily use vanilla as your aroma of choice. Make sure that you use vanilla extract because their is no such thing as a vanilla essential oil. I recommend McCormick's, because they do not add anything artificial to their extract.

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