Monday, February 02, 2015

Champagnes & Sparkling Wines for Valentine's Day

The day after Christmas there was a Valentine's Day explosion. Hearts, roses, and big teddy bears were every where. I'm even rolling my eyes now as I write this. Not that there is anything wrong with V-Day paraphernalia, it can just be so over the top. I'm the type of lady who could care less about a stuffed bear, in fact if a man got me one I just might throw it back at him.

What I do love on V-Day is a nice champagne to sip on as I celebrate life. Champagne is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Research shows that the aromas of a dry champagnes and sparkling wines replicate the smell of female pheromones.

This Valentine's Day while you nosh on chocolate and hold that stuffed animal break out the bubbles. Put some thought into what is going on in your glass. Whether you are in a relationship or single indulge in a bit of bubbly to celebrate love which could be love of self, with a partner, love of a pet, or just because you love life. 

Here of some of my picks for champagne and sparkling wine for Valentine's Day:

Moet  & Chandon- This champagne was the drink of choice of Madame de Pompadour, a famous courtesan in France. She served it up to the Royal Court and the rest is history. If you want to drink like a royal or do it like the bougie, this is the champagne to get.

Menage a Trois Processo-  First of all the name alone says it's going to be a good time. This wine is crisp, a bit tart, yet refreshing to the tongue. After a few sips of this one, you will feel flirty and ready for just about anything.

Mumm Napa Rose- Since it is time to celebrate, break out the Mumm. This sparkler goes great with everything and anything. It is the great selection for celebrating Valentine’s Day due to the aphrodisiac aromas of vanilla and strawberries. A sip of this will rock your world.

Cristalino Rose Brut- This rosé is an excellent choice for Valentine's Day. It's pink, bubbly, and affordable what's not to love about that. It is delish with fried food and desserts so have it at the beginning or end of your meal.

Dibon Brut Cava- This is one of my favorite cavas. It’s crisp and the bubbles are kicking. The aromas in this one are apple, pear, and stone fruit. It’s also an organic wine so if you want to impress your lover who is all about being  green, this is the one to select.

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