Friday, May 29, 2015

Three Wines I Give A Thumbs Up

Last weekend I went to a luxurious food and wine reteat in Vermont at Good Commons. I am so grateful to my friend who gave me her spot at the retreat at the last minute because she could not attend. I have been to a few retreats there before. It's such a wonderful place to place to go relax and the people that I have met there just divine.

All the meals at the retreat were made by chefs and a sommelier selected the wines for our wine dinner. I fell in love with three of the wines that I wanted to tell you about:

RivaRose Brut- This sparkling rosé was a hit at our wine dinner and my favorite selection at the retreat! This rosé from Provence has aromas of  fruits, berries and touch of spice.  Pairs wonderfully with a lot of different foods from cheese, chicken, to burgers.  It's one of those sparkling wines that you will want for an evening at home or to take to a soiree. If you want a full sensory experience with it, sip on it while burning  ylang ylang or vanilla. This sparkler will run you around $15 or a little under. It's so going on my top rosés for the summer list.


M.A.N. Pinotage-  This wine was served at our wine dinner during the fourth course. Three friends started this winery and used the initials of their wives which happen to spell MAN. South Africa is known for pinotage, sounds like pinot noir but tastes more like shiraz. The grapes in this wine are a cross between cinsaut and pinot noir grapes. To get your senses moving and grooving, sip on this and have some bergemot oil burning in the background. The M.A.N Pinotage will run you around $8 and under. How fabulous is that?

From the winemaker:

We like to focus on the juicier, softer side of Pinotage by carefully managing the fermenting wine.  We are able to emphasise the soft mouthfeel, perfume and expressive fruit of Pinotage. Just a touch of oak maturation means the result is delicate and pretty, with beautiful red berry flavours, a hint of cinnamon and very gentle tannins.

Cooper Hill Pinot Gris- This wine was a favorite during our wine and cheese hour. It's light, crisp, and goes great with cheese. It would be killer paired with some roasted chicken. The Cooper Mountain Vineyards uses classic methods to produce their gris. The aromas in this one are quite delicious, a bit of floral and citrus. Sure to be a crowd pleaser at any event.  Put this one on your list of summer wines or if you want to have an affordable wine at an event or wedding. The cost for this one goes for about $22.00.

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