Friday, July 31, 2015

Flicks & Sips: White Chicks, Gossip Girl, The Duchess, & I.. Frankenstein

Rosé is just perfect for sipping during the summer, especially when paired with the right movie. Here are four movies that I paired with some of my favorite rosés. You can catch all of the movies on Netflix at this time. If you happen to have a Roku, you can also find other platforms that have the films. Enjoy your night in!

White Chicks & White Girl Rosé
This movie makes me laugh out loud. It is not to be taken seriously; it's more of a spoof. Imagine what can happen when two black FBI agents ( Shawn and Marlon Wayans)  go undercover as two white heiresses to capture their would be kidnappers. This movie knows that it is over the top and does not take itself too seriously. The Wayans get all white and dolled up for this and oy vey... they make funny looking women.  Let's just say that this one is ridiculous fun. Plays with stereotypes and filled with laughs.

Pair with: White Girl Rosé 
This pairing pretty much speaks for itself. It is something that the Wilson sisters in the movie would drink. The perfect wine to celebrate girls who love to be a part of the scene in the Hamptons.

Gossip Girl & Gruet Brut Rosé 
Follow the adventures of Serena (Blake Lively), Blair (Leighton Meester), and the gang as they take over the Upper East Side. Inspired by the book with the same name, you will be taken into the world of Manhattan's most elite families. Don't all kids in high school spend time at swanky lounges sipping cocktails? Who hasn't had an affair with their teacher? Did I mention the crazy love affair between Chuck and Blair? It's all a part of the sexy world of Gossip Girl.

Pair with: Gruet Brut Rosé
This brut rosé is so good you won't believe that you are not drinking champagne. It has the taste of luxury in a glass, but at a very affordable price. Take a sip every time Blair uses a French word or they drink champagne on the show. Sante!

The Duchess & Château La Gordonne Rosé
It's always refreshing to partake in a good period piece with a rebellious woman as the main character. This film chronicles the life of 18th century aristocrat, Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire (Kiera Knightley). This is a nicely paced period piece that will enlighten you on Georgina. It also includes a delightful supporting cast including the ever delicious, Ralph Fiennes. As usual he plays a dark dude with some issues; he is always great in those types of roles.

This sensual rosé is sure to please. This aromas in thie wine are floral and berries. This château is owned  by Pommery so it has their touch of elegance, perfect for a duchess or aristocrat.

I, Frankenstein & Chateau de Lardiley Rosé
Consider this Frankenstein a very urban take on a classic story. Adam Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart) is hunted after decades of his master creations. Demons are chasing him to find out how he has lived for so darn long. It's a nice sc-fi flick and Eckhart is rather hot in his dark and brooding manner.

Pair with: Chateau de Lardiley Rosé
Not to fancy and good for every day is how I would sum up this rosé. It's great for sipping, sci-fi and hot guy. This bonus is this wine is organic and made in the Bordeaux region.

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