Saturday, July 18, 2015

La Nuit en Rosé : Sip and Sail Surrounded by Rosé

La Nuit en Rosé brought their rosé wine cruise to New York City. The three day event was such a hit in the big apple that all of the cruises sold out.

I was invited to check out the sip and sail. What could be better than sailing around Manhattan surrounded by rosés? I tried so many great wines during the evening, but here are some that I selected to share with you:

Bleu de Mer-  A light and elegant rosé from the Sud du France region is made from cinsaut grapes. This elegant wine  can be used as an aperitif. It would pair well with grilled meats, salads, cheese, and fruit. Sipping on this rosé is a delight. $18

White Girl Rosé- When I heard about White Girl Rosé I had to laugh at the concept. It gets its name due to the fact that last year in the Hamptons where was a rosé shortage. Apparently white girls were beside themselves not knowing what to do since they could not find the wine. I didn't have any expectations for this wine, but have to admit that it’s pretty good. It's the kind of wine that you get a few bottles of and have for brunch with your girlfriends. $20

Bridge Lane Rosé- Is wine in a box really good? You betcha! This was on the best rosés that I tried during the evening. If you turn your nose up to wine in a box, especially this one, you are missing it. Not only do you get more wine when you purchase it in a box, but it last longer due to packaging. Talk about a double bonus. The aromas in this wine are a bit of strawberry, peach, and  floral If you are too snooty for wine in a box, you can also get it in a bottle. $40 a box ( equals 4 bottles)  $16 for a bottle

Ouled Thaleb Moroccan Rosé- I was on the look out for this winery. Ouled Thaleb is the largest wine producer in the Arab world. The bottle is beautiful and the fact that it is made in Morocco makes it sound so sensual. It did not disappoint. I would say this rosé is for the grown and sexy. Sip on it when you want to have an elegant evening. $16

Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rosé- This champagne is everything. Aged for three years in a cellar, this sparkler  has red fruit aromas with notes of blueberry, plums, blackcurrant, and raspberry. It can be paired with so many things like salmon, chicken, pork , truffle fries, or cheese. The pefect rosé to have for celebrating or just because you deserve it. $59

Vie Vite Rosé -This rosé turns up in all the swanky places, The presentation for the wine invites you to taste it. Vie Vite will not remind you of other roses from Provence due to the mix of grape varietals. The aromas are quite lovely with cherries, strawberries, and spices. This is a good one when you are entertaining and would like to enchant your guests. $23

AIX Rosé - A pale pink wine is produced by one of the larger in estates in AOP Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence. Their goal is to produce the best rosé  in the world.  I would say that they are doing a pretty good job of reaching their goal. With aromas of red berries, mandarin orange, fig, and spices, it brings pleasure to the palette. $20

Next time you are looking for a good rosé try one of these selections. Enjoy and sip on. Sante!

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