Sunday, August 09, 2015

Wine & Spirit Psychic Readings by Yolanda Shoshana: August 9, 2015 - August16, 2015

I decided to switch up my weekly readings a bit. Each week with my reading, I'll be pairing it with a wine that goes with the energy of the deck and feel of the week. This week's pairing is Whispering Angel Rosé and the Angel Prayers Oracle. 

The wine is an elegant rosé from Provence, France. The inspiration for the wine was The Whispering Angel chapel from early 19th century, with its two cherubs. The aromas in the wine are stawberry, blood orange, raspberry, and floral. 

  The reading this week is a divine reminder that we should ask our angels for love and support. They are always there for us and will answer when we call. Angels are in the house! 

the house!  

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