Monday, December 14, 2015

Southern Italy & The Islands with Shelley Lindgren

I got to take a wine class on Italian wines from Southern Italy & The Islands with Italian wine expert, Shelley Lindgren. I took this selfie of us when the class was over, who knows when our paths shall cross again? Lindgren is such an amazing teacher, she has me even more interested in Italian wines than I was before.

She is the owner of SPQR Restaurant and A16 Restaurant & Wine Bar in San Francisco.  Lindgren has been a wine educator for over 12 years. I loved every minute of her class and learned so much!

During the class, held at Journee in NYC, Lindgren turned me on to some good Italian wines. My favorites wines from the class included:

I recommend any of them next time you are in the Italian section at your local wine shop or if you are at an Italian restaurant.

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