Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wine Pairings With Super Bowl Snacks

It is widely known that while watching the Super Bowl, people are expected to eat wings and nachos, and drink lots of beer. But what if you’re not a beer drinker and instead you prefer a glass of wine? I know that I will have have wine in my hand, because beer just isn't my thing.

Below are wine pairing recommendations from Leo Schneemann, Wine Director at Wallsé and Upholstery Store, that will let you enjoy your wings while sipping on your wine:

Chicken Wings:
RED: Cabaret Sauvignon, Rickshaw, 2012
Full bodied, well balanced from the Napa Valley with a long finish. Easily drinkable.

WHITE: POE Chardonnay, 2013
Tropical taste with fruit nuts and not too much oak; With a medium palette and a long finish. Something special for wine connoisseur on SuperBowl Sunday.

Nachos and Guacamole:
RED: Pinot Noir von Winning, 2012, Pfalz Germany
Red cherry notes with a lighter body

WHITE: Riesling - Red Slate, Dr Loosen, 2014
Apricot white peaches, high “minerality" with a well-balanced acidity - great Riesling

Deviled Eggs:
RED:  Blaufränkisch, Schiffer, Eisenberg, 2013
Nice mineral straightforward, with dark fruit nuts, a medium palette and peppery finish

WHITE: Grüner Veltiner, Johann, Donaubau,  2014
Fresh, crisp, wine w/green apple notes, white peppery spiciness, and easy finish

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